Smell stimulates memory
Taste sears it into our soul
Touch fulfills its sweetness
Tonight’s supper is love
What courses will you choose?

Love Story: A Meal In Five Courses uses the five senses to conjure both a meal and a love story. How do the senses inspire memory? Is touch possible through a computer screen? How do you taste the memory of love? Can you experience love by something other than emotion? Culinarily crafted by Rachel Hynes and Anastasia Wilson, this piece invites you to a communal meal of memory.

TECH INTERFACE: Zoom, headphones recommended, WiFi required. As we are a fan of communal meals, guests will be asked to bring some simple items to the table. Don’t worry, they are already in your home.

RACHEL HYNES (she/her) is a devisor who sees the possibility in everything and everyone. Her work centers around themes of healing and resilience, but she also knows that people are generally shit, so it can be pretty dark, too. If it can be dark, then it also can be funny, because, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, well, who are we? Rachel has devised experimental theatre, physical theatre and Theatre for the Very Young with companies including banished? productions, Theatre Alliance, Encore and the Welders. Rachel has an MFA in devising and physical theatre from the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA), which means she can create pretty much anything under any circumstances. Call her. You’ll see. Love Story: A Meal In Five Courses combines some of Rachel’s favorite things, food and the five senses. When Rachel falls in love, it is for real.
ANASTASIA WILSON (she/her) is an actor, devisor and flamenco-er.  She is a nomad storyteller and enjoys her solitude in the company of others.  She is a firm believer that good soup cooks slowly and always has a good reaux.  She treats all things dear to her just the same, whether it be gumbo or a relationship. Anastasia has an MFA in Physical Theatre from Accademia Dell Arte (Italy).  Have you heard the saying “if you give a mouse a cookie?” Well, if you give Anastasia a prompt, she is going to want to devise, play, and create all possibilities. @anastasia.wil