An urban planner
with a special vision
wants to build a world with you.

Kathleen Akerley & Emily Whitworth share a fascination with the spaces in which we live - the mental and emotional spaces. We each live in a city to which we currently have limited access: our homes have become our cities, our bodies are the only constant cities. Have we built them all with more love than vigilance? More vigilance than love?

TECH INTERFACE: Zoom (with audio & video), WiFi required

KATHLEEN AKERLEY (she/her) builds cities in live performance and cinematic production, and oversees the building of other cities as a film teacher at the secondary level and a playwriting teacher at the university level.  She chronicles cities both living and empty on annual road trips across the various highways of North America.
EMILY WHITWORTH (she/her) builds cities in dark spaces that seat between 100-300 people, typically. Her other urban planning ventures consist of creating 140-280 characters for various people in ties and heels. She is spending most of her social distancing time exploring dusty corners of her room and the places wine corks like to sleep.